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Bangkok 9 - Mall Of Tripla

Pasilansilta (Downtown 3. kerros), Helsinki

Bangkok 9 is specialized for serving street food from Thailand with an twist of a´la carte style.

Restaurant serves fusion thai-street food which is made of a fresh ingredients with a thai spices and and herbs. Bangkok 9 is an authentic thai-restaurant which portions are made by a experienced thai-chef’s and the owner. From the menu, you can find traditional portions and modern novelties such as a Tom Yam soup, Som Tam salad, different woks, curry’s and noodle portions. There is thai-beers and a thai-mixture cocktails’ in the drink menu. Bangkok 9 is located in the third floor of the new MALL OF TRIPLA.

Avatud täna 10:30-21:00

Teisipäev 10:30-21:00
Kolmapäev 10:30-21:00