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Best restaurants in Espoo

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Whether you are looking for an unforgettable fine dining experience or a relaxed bistro from TableOnline you will find the right restaurant for every situation. Search for a restaurant by its cuisine or find great offers or read restaurant reviews. Today, good restaurants do not have to be located in the city center. Try great neighborhood restaurants and the hidden gems of Espoo.

Newest restaurants in Espoo

We're committed to adding new quality restaurants to Espoo. Take a look at our latest arrivals.

Food culture in Helsinki Metropolitan Area is growing fast

Many interesting new restaurants emerge also in Espoo, while traditional local classical restaurants still keep their popularity year after year. In Espoo restaurants rely on classical flavors and Scandinavian cooking, but Asian cuisine or burgers have not been forgotten in the city.

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Local food and appreciation of seasons help to create excellent taste experiences with a good price-quality ratio.

There are many opportunities in the Helsinki metropolitan area to enjoy a range of modern European cuisines and fresh, local ingredients. In Espoo, as elsewhere in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, has good vegetarian restaurants and vegan versions are available in many places.