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A variety of restaurants in Kuopio can be found from the harbor alongside the city center.

City is full of restaurants and cafes, lunch places and excellent dinner options. The clean and diverse nature plays a large part in its cuisine. In Kuopio there are for example a great Mexican restaurant, tasty Indian restaurants, delicious burgers and modern and traditional Nordic cuisine and not to forget high-quality restaurants with their excellent à la carte dishes. From Kuopio you will find a restaurant for you every need.

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Kartanon Joululounas ma-pe ajalla 25.11.-20.12.2019

Koivumäen Kartano

Christmas Jazz -konsertti

Koivumäen Kartano

Savolainen Stand up, show and dinner pe 15.11.2019 klo 18

Koivumäen Kartano

Joululounas la-su 21.-22.12.2019

Koivumäen Kartano

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