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Best restaurants in Tallinn

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In addition to Finnish cities, TableOnline also has restaurants in Estonia.

Take a trip to Tallinn and book a table in advance from one of the classic restaurants, or what test something new and modern Estonian restaurant. In TableOnline you can get to know all the restaurants in advance by comparing the user ratings and browse through the reviews.

Newest restaurants in Tallinn

We're committed to adding new quality restaurants to Tallinn. Take a look at our latest arrivals!

The versatile Tallinn hides some high-class restaurants

Elegant à la carte restaurants serving traditional Estonian flavors with a modern touch. If you are not interested in a long dinner, you will find a cozy café or a casual restaurants at almost every corner of the street. If the restaurant world in Finland has taken a leap forward over the past few years, there has also been a dramatic development in restaurant life in Estonia as well. There are continually popping up new restaurants, trendy bistros and atmospheric pubs and wine bars.

Upcoming events in Tallinn

Through Tallinn you can find an event you like easily. Take a look at the upcoming events and make a booking.

Brunch & Aquacenter




New Years Eve Gala at GC Gastrobar !

GC Gastrobar

New Years Eve in restaurant Horisont

Horisont Restoran & Baar

Sparkling New Year's Eve 2020! TarTar Kitchen+Bar

TARTAR köök+baar

Scheeli Restoran – Glamour Express Dinner & Show!


Scheeli Restoran – Glamour Express Dinner & Show!


Dinner with Bocelli wines

Teletorni restoran

The New Years Eve in Tallinn TV-Tower

Teletorni restoran

You can’t speak about the Estonian restaurant field without mentioning the influences of Russian cuisine.

However, there are plenty of other kitchens and styles in Estonia as well. Test for example Hungarian, Mediterranean or Argentinean restaurants. Remember also the ever-growing vegetarian trend and always popular Asian restaurants.

Offers in Tallinn

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European cuisine is not forgotten in Tallinn

...and there is a great selection of French and Italian cuisine in the city. As it is trendy, in many restaurants, seasonal ingredients and local food are the main thing in the menu.

TableOnline offers a table reservation for small and large groups and you can easily book a table online from Tallinn as well.