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Best restaurants in Tampere

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Tampere is a well-functioning compact city with businessmen and congressmen as well as tourists and gourmets.

New restaurants are constantly opening up in Tampere and its surrounding area. There is something for everyone. Tampere is especially known for its delicious Asian restaurants, pizzas and classic Nordic flavors.

Newest restaurants in Tampere

We're committed to adding new quality restaurants to Tampere. Take a look at our latest arrivals.

The wide selection of restaurants in Tampere has offered their classic flavors for customers for years.

But there are also plenty of new and fresh restaurants in the city. Café and brunch culture raises its head in Tampere as well as the new Wine Bars and restaurants serving vegan dishes.

Upcoming events in Tampere

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Offers in Tampere

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Various restaurants in Tampere have always been included in the list of the best restaurants in Finland.

Tampere can also be easily called as a carnivorous paradise because of its steak restaurants and not to forget its local dishes, modern bistros or French cooking.

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