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TableOnline – Terms of use

1. General

This document contains the terms of use of the service offerd byTableOnline Finland (Business ID 2349007-3, domiciled in Kuortaneenkatu 1, 00520 Helsinki), a joint stock company. These use of terms are used as an agreement between consumer and TableOnline when customer use TableOnline services (which includes all of the content and activities which can be found in TableOnline website in The agreement also covers any other TableOnline services offered to consumers.

TableOnline recommends to read sections eight and nine with special care. TableOnline does not give any warranty service and all liabilities are limited to what is specified in this Agreement.

2. Using the service

You can start using the service as soon as you have accepted these terms of use and provided all the information needed to use the service

3. Conditions to use service

The service requires that:

Obey the laws and regulations

Obey all the instructions and practices defined by TableOnline

Inform us immediately about any security threats concerning our service

4. Stopping the service

User is not allowed:

use the service in a manner that might cause damage to TableOnline or any of its customer, supplier or partner

Use the service as a tool to send false booking messages to restaurants

To use any unauthorized means to service re-routing

To damage or intentionally overload the service or interfere the use of the service

To sell or distribute all or part the service

5. Confidentiality

TableOnline keep all the information entered when using the service confidential and process them in accordance with TableOnline Privacy Statement and valid legislation. Data may be disclosed to third parties as described in the Privacy Statement.

By using this service, you agree that TableOnline will process and disclose your personal information as described in the Privacy Statement.

6. Changes to terms

TableOnline reserves the right to change the terms of use. The changes will take effect 30 days after notifying changes, during which the user must cease use of the service, if do not accept the new terms.

Changes may also be based on a change in legislation, with amendments coming into effect simultaneously with the legislative change.

7. Service quarantee

TableOnline provide the service as it is. TableOnline does not guarantee the accuracy of the content or update its existence in the service. TableOnline does not give any warranty to the use of the service

8. Limitation of liability

TableOnline will not be liable for any damages you incur, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, indirect damages and lost profits.

This limitation applies to anything that relates to:

Services offered by TableOnline

Third-party sites (including source code), software and operations

Incompatibility with other services or software or devices

Any use of the service-related details

The arguments concerning breaches of contract, warranty claims, negligence and tort claims

Third-party operations, includingTableOnline restaurants

The limitations of liability mentioned above apply even if theTableOnline should be aware of the possibility of such damages.

9. Interpretation of the service

This Agreement shall be fully complied with, unless it is inconsistent with the Finnish law. If any section or phrase is inconsistent with the Finnish law, it will be replaced by a similar phrase, which is compatible with the law. Possible change does not affect to other sections of these terms. This Agreement forms the basis of using the service and replaces any previous terms of use

10. Assignment

Tableonline has the right to transfer this Agreement at any time, in part or in whole to a third party without prior notice. Service users do not have the right to dispose of the contract or on their account in part or in whole to a third party, either temporarily or permanently

11. Third parties

This Agreement is made primarily between the consumer and TableOnline. Regarding reservation condition and payment terms the consumer has an agreement with a restaurant and consumer engage to obey the terms restaurant has given and which has been presented in middle of the booking process and sent with the booking confirmation email. This Agreement is not allowed to be extended to any other third parties.

12. Complaints

Any complaints about the service errors should be submitted no later than within one (1) month the error occurred, after which the error can no longer rely on or make any claims in connection. This condition applies to both parties of the agreement

13. Announcements to TableOnline

All official announcements to TableOnline should be mailed to the TableOnline domicile address mentioned in the first point of these terms

14. Electronic information

This Agreement exist only in electronic form. TableOnline reserves the right to send users information related to the service in electronic form. Users will have the right to refuse service-related information, but in tha case TableOnline has the right to cancel the user's right to use the service. TableOnline can provide the necessary information:

By email to the address user provided at the moment of creating an account

In the webpage

The announcements TableOnline deliver as mentioned above considered to be sent and to put the user's knowledge. If the user does not have the opportunity to receive electronic announcements from TableOnline, he does not have either the possibility to use the service and he must stop it

The use of the service requires certain personal information to be given to TableOnline

TableOnline use users information to provide the service and products users have searched using the service

TableOnline can use users information to provide other products and services

15. Payments through the service and credit card guarantees

Restaurant using TableOnline reservation management tools has possibility to sell their services or products and take credit card guarantees to ensure a reservation.

In case restaurant is using this feature, it has to define the booking and payment terms in the message which is shown to a user in the middle of the booking process. Restaurant can also define that they will not return prepayments. Regarding reservation condition and payment terms the consumer has an agreement with a restaurant and TableOnline is not responsible for the reservation and payment terms.

External service called Stripe ( is responsible for transactions, handling and storing credit card details. TableOnline is not storing credit card details.

16. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

This agreement is governed by Finnish law. Any disputes related to the service will primarily be resolved through negotiations between the parties. If there is no reconciliation, disputes will be resolved in Helsinki District Court.

The consumer may also refer the matter to the Consumer Complaints Board ( for resolution. Prior to dealing with the matter, the consumer must contact consumer advice produced by Local Register Offices (