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Pazzo Wine Bar

Pagari 1, Tallinn

In a way we are all a little bit PAZZO – crazy, insane, wild!

Our idea is simple – to offer an experience.

Ask our team of knowledgeable sommeliers to accompany you through the journey of wines.

But... let’s keep it fun! Whether in the mood of bubbly, white, red or orange – we have it all.

Although the selection offers a collection of wines throughout the globe, we focus ourselves into the world of small unique producers with a passion. Wines that have their own personality and story.

All his makes one thing in common – something that the french call „terroir“ – unique, compelling ... that extra bit of soul.

We are more than happy to share our passion – wines that will amaze or surprise you.

Good wine always calls for good company – down-to-earth, uncomplicated delicious bites to eat that are perfect to share with all your friends.

Italians have great saying:

“Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto"

"Eat well, laugh often, love much"

And this is what we mainly do!

Cin Cin Amici!

Avoinna tänään 18:00-01:00