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Cafe Swiss

Tornimäe 3, Tallinn

Restaurant Café Swiss is an all day dining 146 seat modern restaurant with an inviting aura of contemporary elegance, warmth and a breath of inspirational charm, located on the 8th floor of the tallest building in town, Swissôtel Tallinn.

Sunday in Café Swiss is a day for the entire family to spend some time together

Cafe Swiss Tallinn
Cafe Swiss Tallinn
Cafe Swiss Tallinn
Cafe Swiss Tallinn
Cafe Swiss Tallinn


Reviews (15)


Õhtusöök Cafe Swiss'is

Täname meeldiva teeninduse ja maitsva õhtusöögi eest.
Marika - 5.1.2017

★ 5.00555

kliendi tagasiside

Tere! Oli pisut ebameeldiv üllatus, et enam ei ole buffet pakkumist.
Ilona - 10.11.2016

★ 4.00455


Suur tänu!
Kirill - 21.5.2016

★ 5.00555

Cafe swiss rewiew

All is perfect. Next time I definetly vist this place too.
Kermo - 15.4.2016

★ 5.00555


Üldiselt oleme rahul ja alati on olnud hea, see kord oli kahjuks mõni toid kaua seistes ära kuivanud ja meid unustati vahepeal ära, ehk siis teed ja kohvi pidime ise minema küsima ning riided võtsime ise kappist sest teenindajat ei olnud kuksil kes oleks meid aidanud või märganud.
Veronika - 10.4.2016

★ 3.00353


Super elamus!
Katrin - 3.4.2016

★ 5.00555


Veronika - 1.4.2016

★ 5.00555

What title should i put?

The whole experience was nice. Nice starters and dessert. Some main dishes did not meet my standards.
Irina - 1.4.2016

★ 5.00455

Frequent traveller_ Finland

We visited the restaurant on a Saturday night when they had a dinner buffet for €30/person. Waiting staff was polite but unable to offer our small child a slightly altered children's menu option: the menu had cod with sauce and we asked if she could have salmon instead. This was not possible although there was grilled salmon in the buffet. The food was bland home cooking leve l and the deserts tasted like they had come from wholesale freezer selection. There was no bread or regular potatoes only side dish was garlic potatoes that were almost as slimy as the cheddar risotto. Must say that we were very disappointed.
Johanna - 26.3.2016

★ 2.00133

Came for the buffet, didn't get it

We made the reservation thinking that we are going to show our friends the experience we had when we had your lunc buffet last year. We all browsed through our website but none of us noticed that there is no lunch buffet on friday 25th. If we knew that we would have come on Saturday. So it was a big let down when we came and saw that there was no buffet and we had to order from the list. ( We were hungry and had just paid a taxi to made it on time so we kind of had no choise but order what we could.) We all found something to order. Fish and chips were ok and portion good size but pasta on the other hand wasn't that big. All tasted ok, but that was about it. Nothing special to remember. The desserts were let downs. One of us took the apple and pear thing and it was really lacking in taste, like nothing had been done to those two and it was out of balance. Creme brulee was trendy with tonka bean but the sugar on the top was overpowering. All in all.. Four of us foodies left somewhat disappointed.
Tero - 25.3.2016

★ 3.00345


Very nice
Helen - 18.3.2016

★ 5.00555


Õhtu oli tõsiselt nauditav ! Mõnus, hubane atmosfäär , toit väga maitsev ja vaade imeilus. Teenindus hea ja personal sõbralik ning naeratav. Tunne on, et oled oodatud. Tuleme kindlasti tagasi.
Karel-ken - 14.2.2016

★ 5.00555

Tagasiside 31.01.16

Suur kiitus toidud olid väga maitsvad ja tõesti väga hea teenindus.
Janna - 31.1.2016

★ 5.00555

Väga meeldiv lõuna

Me jäime väga rahule, kerge ja maistev söök. Hubane ja naudingut pakkuv koht. Kindlasti soovitame kõikidele ja külastame Teid jälle.
Veronika - 20.1.2016

★ 5.00555

Meile meeldis!

Käime tihti Cafe Swiss kohvikus ja oleme väga rahul. Aitäh!
Evelin - 19.12.2015

★ 5.00454

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