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Sandro Kortteli

Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki

Sandro's kitchen is a nice combination of African and Mediterranean tastes.

The first Sandro was opened in January 2013 by Richard McCormick, Pasi Virta, Hicham Mountassir and Hicham Daoussi. Different backgrounds create a lively and open-minded base for everything that happens in Sandro. Now there are three Sanrdos in Helsinki: Kallio, Kortteli and Eira.

Sandro Kortteli HelsinkiSandro Kortteli Helsinki

3.84 / 5

Reviews (306)


Super fantastico!

Everything just right.....went home feeling happy,chilled and fully nourished:)
Richard - 20.1.2018

★ 5.00555


Arja - 20.1.2018

★ 2.00232
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Reviews (306)


Super fantastico!

Everything just right.....went home feeling happy,chilled and fully nourished:)
Richard - 20.1.2018

★ 5.00555


Arja - 20.1.2018

★ 2.00232


Kira - 19.1.2018

★ 5.00555

Quantity over quality

Sandro @ Kortteli is alla bout the Marrakesh Madness buffet. I you want such you will not disappoint. However I prefer something else. My 17 year old son commented that "a bit of the same for all the dishes...". Also service was not ok as the lady forgot basically all additional requests after receiving the food (more drin, more water, check...). I will carry my money to other places in the future.
Tomi - 13.1.2018

★ 2.00332

Palaute palvelusta

Hinta ja ruoanlaatu eivät kohdanneet mielestäni toisiaan. Palvelu pöytiin ei ollut kovin innostunutta henkilökunnalta.
Marika - 12.1.2018

★ 3.00342


Sandro on muuttunut vähitellen samanlaiseksi mättöpaikaksi kuin HOK:n ravintolat. Tarjoilijoiden vuoron vaihdettua/loputtua meidät unohdettiin pöytään. Ajattelimme välillä lähteä kävelemään ulos ravintolasta, jos se olisi herättänyt huomiota.
Mari - 12.1.2018

★ 2.00121

Niko Liljelund

Thank you!
Niko - 11.1.2018

★ 4.00545

Early dinner in Sandro

Food was really good and we loved the feeling of the restaurant! Thanks for eveyone. :)
Jari - 10.1.2018

★ 5.00555

Dining at sandro kortteli

Thanks for the nice evening!
Nea - 6.1.2018

★ 4.00455


Happy new year. It is hard to find the place for any first timer. I am not sure if the directions are on the website but we couldn’t find them. The food was great as usual except for the lamp shank. We have had it before and it has been mouth watering. This time we requested for it not to be chilly for our son. We ended up with a barely warm chunk of meat didn’t taste much..more like just boiled meat. I thought spicy/seasoned was different from chilly. Please correct me if I am wrong. My son’s first experience of this otherwise well known great food was not what he expected. I will still come back, there’s a lot I haven’t tasted yet and hope it will be as tasty as has been before (except yesterday). Be, Ireen
Ireen - 31.12.2017

★ 4.00355


Our waitress was a darling, the drinks were great and the food was delicious. The atmosphere maybe isn’t the greatest, but Sandro Kortteli is on top of a mall so you can’t ask for too much when it comes to the architecture and so on. Another waitress was quite rude when she asked us to pay and leave because there was another party coming who needed our table. I mean one can say that nicely too.
Vivian - 31.12.2017

★ 5.00535

Pleasant Sunday brunch

Gerat time and came out not feeling like I needed to eat anything till the next day:)
Alex - 31.12.2017

★ 5.00555

5 hlöä

Our table for 5 was not in good place, others walking and disturbing around all the time, could be in better place. Food was good As always in Sandro!
Kristiina - 30.12.2017

★ 3.00422

Kolkko tunnelma

Kallion Sandrossa käyneenä tämä oli lähes pettymys.. takaosan pöytä oli lähes pimeä, akustiikka häiritsevä, annokset paljon pienempiä kuin olin ajatellut. Outo kokemus!
Marika - 29.12.2017

★ 3.00434


The food was good and service rather fast, the dishes were rather small though compared to the price, and the restaurant itself was really noisy. All in all it was a positive experience, but I'm not sure I would go again.
Taru - 29.12.2017

★ 4.00433


Nice place
Harri - 22.12.2017

★ 4.00343

Food great, busy service

Food was excellent, as always, service (maybe due to busy hours) was not totally on previous Sandro experience level
Jutta - 18.12.2017

★ 3.00423


Liian vähän tilaa. Pöytä keikkui ja oli ahdas paikka. Epämukavat baarijakkarat! Vaikka pöytä oli varattu etukäteen, ajoissa. Saako jonossa ensin olevat parhaat paikat? 
Seija - 17.12.2017

★ 3.00423

Good food, too much noise

We had the Marrakesh madness brunch. Food was good but I would have liked to have some meat/chicken as well, the food was almost vegetarian.. Desserts were fabulous. The space is too noisy, it would need some soundproofing and the music could be turned down a bit.
Elina - 17.12.2017

★ 3.00433


Ihanat ruuat ja palvelu. Kova melutaso oli ainoa negatiivinen puoli, voisiko siihen mitenkään vaikuttaa(?).
Mikaela - 16.12.2017

★ 4.00535

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