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Yes Yes Yes

Iso Roobertinkatu 1, Helsinki

Newest member of Hawaii restaurant family (The Cock, Holiday Bar & Sandro restaurants), Yes Yes Yes, is a brand new bustling bar & restaurant located in a former McDonald's on Iso Roobertinkatu.

The specialty of the restaurant is the piping hot tandoor oven in the open kitchen and the focus on bar dining (and drinking). Yes Yes Yes is as much a bar as a charming restaurant, brimming with great energy. Come for a snack or the full experience. Expect a magical expression of colors, wild banana trees, splashes of marble combined with lots of art from the hottest local artists.

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Yes Yes Yes Helsinki

4.10 / 5

Reviews (167)



Simple delicious nice and tasty food, sweet staff
Tina - 20.2.2018

★ 5.00555

Yes for this one

Must for every food lover in Helsinki❤️
Onni - 17.2.2018

★ 5.00555
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Reviews (167)



Simple delicious nice and tasty food, sweet staff
Tina - 20.2.2018

★ 5.00555

Yes for this one

Must for every food lover in Helsinki❤️
Onni - 17.2.2018

★ 5.00555


First time here, but definitely not the last. Fantastic food, beautiful portions and so nice staff.
Joanna - 17.2.2018

★ 5.00555

Great good but overprized

Excellent food and great athmosphere. We had to order extra because 5 dishes to 2 person left us hungry. Prizes are quite high comparing to size.
Minna - 17.2.2018

★ 4.00554

Restaurant with Heart

Overall rating is 5/5. Few points which made experience not completely satisfying though. I got strong stomach pains after leaving the restaurant which lasts me for few days. The Jasmin non-alcohol drink could possibly affected it, even though it was one of the most positively surprising drinks I have ever had. I can't be objective on this though, because pain could have been caused by the mix of all the dishes full of unusual spices and combinations for my stomach. Or maybe simply the pain was stress related. Cause dishes were highly rich in flavor and served as art! We said the sweet potato with black tahini dish, for example, should go to Kiasma on exhibition! :D As a joke and for real! Regarding service, the waiter seemed somewhat overwhelmed and didn't know the ingredients of the dishes that well. I figure he must be new at the place and that is completely understandable and acceptable. Definitely not a complaint on him personally. He was open, easy going and social and willing to provide the good service and that counts. He suggested to take a photo of us and one of them turned out to be one of the best photos we ever had :) Lastly, the restaurant is amazing! Filled with warm, positive vibes, liveliness and playfulness. It affected us to flirt joyfully with each other :) Cosy, well though colors, cool that cooks were with stylish caps. Yes yes yes is the place with heart! Definitely would recommend it!
Slava - 17.2.2018

★ 5.00454

Mainio ruoka!

Ruoka oli taas tällä kertaa erinomaista mutta palvelu tuntuu yhä hakevan parasta teräänsä. Kaikki meitä palvelleet henkilöt olivat oikein mukavia mutta palveluun tuntuu kuuluvan aina pientä sähläystä ja epätietoisuutta (mm ruokien ainesosista). Kaikkiaan taas miellyttävä kokemus kuitenkin!
Sanni - 17.2.2018

★ 4.00543

Bubbles and delicious flavours

We had a perfect dinner setting with dear friends and enjoyed every single plate of deliciouness that was brought in front of us. When full the restaurant's desibel is quite high so it can be challenging to have a conversation. But the atmosphere is great. Our waiter was polite but I wasn't really sure does he really enjoy his job as he seemed a bit bored/ sour faced compared to other waiters. Previously, I've been to this restaurant a couple of times to purchase gift vouchers and experienced a warm and relaxed service by a couple of waiters and there cheerful spirit was one reason why we made a resevation for dinner. All in all we had a great dinner and will return.
Laura - 16.2.2018

★ 4.00544


Food was so tasty and amazing! Will come again.
Minttu - 16.2.2018

★ 5.00545


Nice bistro to have one drink and snacks. For a dinner decibels were bit too high. Friendly service. .
Hanna - 16.2.2018

★ 3.00333

Hyvää ruokaa

Mielestäni Suomessa ravintolassa pitää olla sekä ruokalista että palvelu myös suomeksi.
Kari - 15.2.2018

★ 4.00432

Great food and service!

Really good food and great customer service. One improvement: food should be brought more slowly. We didn't have enough space on our table as all food came at the same time :) also the warm food got a bit cold.
Juuso - 14.2.2018

★ 4.00555


Laura - 10.2.2018

★ 3.00433

Casual Dinner on Saturday

Fantastic tasty food and excellent service
Oscar - 10.2.2018

★ 5.00555

Great experience!

Service and food was very good. Maybe quite salty, but tasteful.
Päivi - 10.2.2018

★ 4.00444

Good food but service needs improvement

It was hard to get service and the waiter kept forgetting orders. Food was good, but some warm foods were served lukewarm.
Olli - 10.2.2018

★ 4.00442


Great and tasty food, especially the naan bread with avocado dip was delish, also coctails really inventive. minus to the small portion sizes regarding the price of the food.
Lotta - 9.2.2018

★ 4.00455

Kekseliästä ruokaa värikkäässä ympäristössä

Hyvä konsepti tilata pöytä täyteen jaettavia herkullisia kasvisannoksia. Allergiat otettiin hyvin huomioon tekemättä liian suurta numeroa. Tosi kiva tarjoilija!
Taru - 8.2.2018

★ 5.00545

Loved it!

Thank you for an amazing night! The food was absolutely delicious and the restaurant looked gorgeous. Also I want to thank you for your birthday surprise for my sister, it really was the highlight of our evening with you. We will be back!
Reetta - 8.2.2018

★ 5.00554


If I make a reservation, it is because I want to arrive at that time and I expect my table to be ready on time. In this case, it was not. Furthermore, the situation was not managed well. We were advised to wait at the bar and order a drink while waiting. I will not buy an extra drink because of something that was not my fault but the restaurant's poor table management. The waiter bringing the dishes was not very customer friendly either. The zucchini nuggets were great. However, my sweet potato did not have a lot of flavour. The overall atmosphere of the place is nice though, the interior design makes the restaurant cozy.
Elina - 6.2.2018

★ 3.00242

Pretty good.

Pretty good, I'm happy to see more quality restaurants serving plant-based food.
Ilari - 6.2.2018

★ 3.00344

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