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Restaurants in Tampere

There are lots of great restaurants in Tampere, in which you can make instant bookings through TableOnline free of charge and check reviews from the site

Scandinavian, Finnish

Finnish, French Cuisine, European

Scandinavian, Finnish, Traditional

French Cuisine

International, Modern

International, Modern, Traditional

International, American, Asian

International, Modern, Scandinavian

International, European

International, Modern, Scandinavian, French Cuisine

Modern, Finnish, Traditional

International, Scandinavian, European

International, Modern, Scandinavian

Mediterranean, Lebanese, Moroccan

Modern, Scandinavian, French Cuisine

Modern, Finnish, Traditional

Traditional, Nordic

Finnish, Traditional, American

Modern, Scandinavian, French Cuisine

Scandinavian, Traditional

Offer Every Saturday 12:00 - 15:00

Saturday brunch


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